Our family has always worked the land, and following the war grandfather Tommaso - known as Malot - began increasing his production of Barbera and Vezza’s native variety, Favorita, whilst reserving special attention for the celebrated Nebbiolo of Valmaggiore (”Valmau” in the local dialect), which even then was already considered the best area for wine-growing.
Over the years his farming skills have been passed down from generation to generation, and today it is Fabio and Italo who tend seven hectares of vineyards and run the winery.
The utmost importance has always been given to the quality of the grapes, which - along with dedicated work in the cellar - is seen as the secret of producing great wines.

Our farm is located in the heart of the Roero, the area of hills that stretches out to the left of the River Tanaro, opposite the Langhe from which; it has a different tradition and geological formation.

The estate’s wines represent an inseparable merging of tradition with territory, with only native varieties being grown, on the hills where their special qualities are expressed to the full.
This means making the sacrifices which are a common to many producers in the Roero, but these have been rewarded by the awarding of controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin (DOCG) status to the two wines, “Roero” and “Roero Arneis”.

The farm is located in MALOT Vezza d'Alba , a small village perched on the hills in the heart of the Roero. The hills in this area are characterized by their small size , the steepness of the slopes , the appearance of rough , sometimes wild , but certainly fascinating account of his age-old " Rocks" , magnificent natural split whether created by water erosion on sandy layers - marly soil . This ancient territory that extends to the left of the Tanaro River is part of the "golden triangle " of the wine along with the Langhe and Monferrato .
In fact, the man had , over the centuries , to steal many forests the slopes of the best viticultural declared , to cultivate the fruit which to date has achieved fame and excellent levels recognized around the world. The soils predominantly clay , give all its products and fragrances flavors , remarkable quality .
The great wines of the sacrifices of so many manufacturers have simply paid tribute to the richness and beauty of this land.

Azienda Agricola Pezzuto F.lli
Via San Carlo, 19
12040 Borgonuovo di Vezza d’Alba (Cn) - Italia
Tel. e Fax: +39 0173.65445
Cell: +39 333 9227659 - Fabio
Cell: +39 335 8257637 - Italo
info@malot.it - www.malot.it

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